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Online Ordering that is QUICK, EASY and UNDERSTANDABLE

What makes the ProMedia Order online food ordering system so different from other online ordering providers? It’s our attention to detail. The details that make your customers look forward to ordering online. The details that make their experience more enjoyable and motivate them to come back again and again.
To offer a superior online ordering experience you have to ask yourself:

  •     How easy is it for customers to find what they’re looking for?
  •     How fast do the pages load?
  •     How fluid is the ordering experience?
  •     Above all…How much work does it take for customers to order from you online?

Don’t Let Your Online Customers Get Away!

The #1 killer of any online ordering website is abandonment. That means your customers came to your site, intended on ordering (maybe even started to place an order) then abruptly left. Why does this happen? Because the customer gets frustrated, confused or tired and decides the site doesn’t meet their expectations.

Here are just a few features that make ProMedia Order the most customer friendly and effective online ordering service available:

Freeze-Frame Design: This minimizes page loading time and provides more “Always Available” information on each page. Result: a faster and less frustrating ordering experience.

Always Available Menu Categories: This eliminates the need to click back and forth to find menu categories.

Always Available Recent Orders: Allows customers to always know what they ordered in the past to make their current order easier to complete.

Always Available Check Out: Allows customers to proceed to checkout at anytime during the order process

Always Available Order Total and Summary: Your customers will know exactly what they’ve ordered and how much their total is throughout the ordering process

No Reloads During Menu Item Customization: On most online ordering sites the page will refresh every time you make a customization to the menu. This requires the customer to sit there and wait for the refresh to complete, thus slowing down the ordering process. With ProMedia Order, the customer can view their customizations without the page reloading.

View Menu Item Customizations as You Build It: This is perfect for Pizza! Customers can add toppings or remove toppings and see the final product as they make the changes.

Customize Menu Items with Limited Clicks: The less work it takes for customers to customized menu items the more they will do it. This means bigger ticket averages and more sales!

Menu Pictures: People are known to “eat with their eyes”. We allow you to upload pictures for unlimited menu items and your customers can see them by just scrolling over a camera icon located next to menu item.

Features For Multi Unit Restaurants

If you have more than one restaurant, ProMedia Order allows your customers to first enter their address, then, using advanced geocoding, choose whichever restaurant is closest to them.

If your restaurants deliver, customers will only be allowed to place a delivery order with whichever restaurant is closest to the address they enter.



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