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Customer Benefits

  1. Never Put On Hold – Even when ordering during a busy period such as lunch or dinner, your customers never have to wait on hold.
  2. Remember Past Orders – ProMedia Order stores all past orders and allows your customers to see them anytime during their online ordering session. This is great when they say “give me the usual”.
  3. Order At Their Pace – Customers can choose to complete their orders within seconds or take their time and finish when they want. It’s completely up to them and they are never rushed.
  4. Full Menu – Customers view your full menu and can order any combination of food while the prices are displayed and calculated as they go.
  5. Catering and Larger Orders – Customers find it much easier to make large and complex orders online because they have the ability to be patient, weigh their options, and calculate different pricing schemes.
  6. Less Time Waiting In Line – If you offer online ordering for carry-out or call ahead service, customers are able to go to a special line and get their food in a fraction of the time.

Restaurant Benefits

  1. Increased Average Orders – “Customers who order on the web tend to order more because they have a menu in front of them.” – Robert Mackay, Dominos Pizza Marketing Director ( Customers who order online are proven to order more per order because the don’t feel rushed while purchasing, as they often do over the phone.
  2. Lower Labor Costs – Less time needs to be spent on the phone with customers who like to ask a lot of questions.
  3. Faster Lunch Lines – Orders placed on online for pick up in an “express line” will make busy lunch business more efficient and allow for more sales.
  4. Fewer Mistakes
  5. Reach Pharmaceutical Reps – Pharmaceutical Reps can mean BIG BUSINESS for your restaurant. They spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every week on catering lunches to doctor’s offices. Online ordering provides them an easy and convenient way to plan their lunches, place orders ahead of time and spend less time waiting for pick up.
  6. Guaranteed Upsell – An Online Ordering website guarantees that the message, promotions and add-on offers are communicated to your customers. You rely less on employees.
  7. Reach Offices and Business Catering – Online Ordering provides the perfect solution for office lunch orders. Orders can be collected around the office and one person can enter the orders into your website without the hassle of calling it in. They can take their time and get it right.



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