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ProMedia Order is an All-Inclusive Online Food Ordering Service for your restaurant. ProMedia Order will never charge you or your customers anything beyond our monthly fee to use any of our highly customizable, easy to use services. No transaction fees, no per-order fees, no revenue sharing fees. Start Your No Risk Free 90-Day Trial and start receiving orders instantly!

buseatingNow you can allow your customers to order your food from your very own customized online ordering website. Add your own logo, color scheme, complete menu, images, and much more. It’s your website.

ProMedia Order isn’t ad-driven, so we’ll never clutter your online menu with advertisements. Just your food, displayed how you want it, on your website. Simple as that.

ProMedia Order isn’t like one of those “revenue sharing” online ordering services that steal a portion of your money on every transaction. At ProMedia Order, we believe you deserve to get 100% of the money you’ve earned on each order.

ProMedia Order hosts everything for you, yet you maintain complete control. Your ProMedia Order service includes administrative access to your online control panel. Customize your color scheme, upload your logos, add images to menu items, and much more. Have your online ordering website up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

If you have a multi-unit chain, ProMedia Order allows your customers to first enter their address, then, using advanced geocoding technology, choose whichever of your restaurants is closest to them.

Already have your own domain name or website? Your online ordering website can be easily integrated into your current website.

Don’t have any website whatsoever? Your ProMedia Order online ordering system can function as either an online ordering website or a regular website – with your restaurant’s hours, address, complete menu, and more!

ProMedia Order’s innovative online ordering software takes the hassle and the expense out of online ordering. Why keep paying a bunch of $$$ or settle for online ordering software that doesn’t do everything you need it to do when you can have it all?

Also, ProMedia Order is now integrated seamlessly with Repeat Returns.



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Did You Know?

  • The top three national pizza chains now have major nationwide campaigns promoting their online ordering
  • Check averages for online orders are 50% to 60% higher than overall check averages
  • Online ordering helps collect email addresses to build an effective email marketing campaign