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The Fastest Way to Computerize your Retail Store or Restaurant

Our point of sale systems increase your profits by cutting costs

Our retail point of sale and restaurant point of sale (POS) systems, rated #1 two years in a row by Hospitality Technology Magazine, provide cost-saving capabilities far beyond what you can expect from a conventional cash register or generic POS system.

We are experts at helping you boost your bottom line by increasing efficiency and accuracy and reducing inventory loss.

We know your business because we’ve been there
Our software designers continually return to the field to learn from the on-site operations of our POS systems in customers’ restaurants and retail businesses.

Because we design our own retail and restaurant software, we can offer the full functionality of more expensive systems at a cost-effective price — based on the actual needs of businesses like yours.

Why Computerize?

Axis computerized restaurant and retail point of sale systems: a cost-effective choice that boosts profits. A point of sale system can help you . . .

Lower costs by improving efficiency
With our highly intuitive screen design, a new user can successfully complete their first transaction in 60 seconds, greatly reducing training time.

Reduce transaction time
Reduce customer waiting time
Serve more customers
Increase transaction accuracy
Reduce loss by managing inventory
The POS system — when used in conjunction with our wireless handheld inventory technology — enables you to control loss by detecting theft and shrinkage.
Capitalize on the future by identifying trends
Our Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express software applications allow you to monitor inventory and sales trends so that you can profit by planning for the future.

A full range of features at a competitive price
Because we control our work in-house, we can add new features based on direct customer experience on average of four times a year.



talech’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to set up quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, accept payments, and manage
your inventory.




features_simple_1Get started in no time

talech’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to set up quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, accept payments, and manage
your inventory.




Run sales and promos using discounts3-squares

Apply discounts to an individual item or an entire order. Choose from dollar or percentage discounts. Get a detailed breakdown of discounts applied to
all orders.




features_simple_3Track & manage employee hours

With the clock in feature you can better manage your employee hours. Track hours worked by each employee using the timesheet report available via the app or through



Understand your business

Get detailed reports on sales and transaction trends. See which products and employees are the top performers. Get a daily summary at the end of each business day and always be in the know.



Use insights to make better business decisions

Insights identify patterns in your data and provide actionable recommendations to help you run your small business better.



Understand your customer behavior

Capture customer information at the point of sale. Understand how often your customers visit your business, how much they spend, their last visit and their preferences.



Always stay connected to your business

talech allows you to view all your sales data in real-time so you can see how your business is doing at home or at the beach.



Accept multiple payments260

With support for split-bill, credit, cash and check payments, talech makes it easy for you to do business. Since the data is encrypted at the time of swipe, your customer information is always secure.



2000Keep your cash drawer secure

Get full visibility into all transactions in and out of your cash drawer. Track pay-ins, drops and payouts. And with employee permissions, you have full control over which employees have access to your cash drawer.


Gift Card Featurefeatures_payments_3

Purchase and activate gift cards right from the register.