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Retail Storefront

The acceptance of all major credit cards is a key factor in the satisfaction of your customers. ProMedia, LLC will provide your retail storefront with processing solutions to accommodate them. We offer the widest selection of Credit Card processing products and solutions. ProMedia, LLC will provide the services necessary to meet your needs no matter your size or industry. There are many benefits to allowing ProMedia, LLC to set up your merchant account, below are just a few.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

A payment revolution has exploded in the QSR market with many of the major chains accepting credit cards and debit cards as payment. ProMedia, LLC has a payment processing program to fit the needs of quick service restaurants so, accepting any form of payment is faster, easier and more convenient for your customers.

Wireless Merchants

Today’s businessperson isn’t always in a store, especially if his or her business is a delivery, limousine or taxi service; a home repair contracting company; or participates in fairs. These merchants need business equipment that they can take with them on the road. ProMedia offers everything from wireless terminals to payment acceptance integration in your smartphone.

Phone / Mail Order

ProMedia, LLC can easily help you establish a merchant account for your telephone orders. Card-not-present transactions in which you never take physical possession of your customers credit card require a special merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and have a different fee structure for these types of accounts. ProMedia, LLC will provide you with software that you install on any PC with an Internet connection. You can also manually enter credit card numbers through a credit card terminal.


To compete in today’s aggressive online e-commerce environment, merchants need a fast and secure payment processor they can trust to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of transactions today. This type of transaction or “card-not-present” transaction requires a special type of merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and they have a different fee structure because you never physically see the card.

Service Business

ProMedia, LLC will provide a processing solution that meets your particular needs. Whether your business operates from a permanent location, your clients home or on the road. Our wireless point-of-sale terminals are perfect for businesses that operate in walk-in locations.


ProMedia, LLC is a market leader in the processing of card based business-to-business payments. ProMedia, LLC offers the capabilities to process all levels of Visa®® and MasterCard® credit card transactions as well as large ticket items.

Gas stations and convenience stores

ProMedia, LLC provides comprehensive payment solutions designed for independent gas stations and convenience stores that are no longer affiliated with the larger branded gas companies. We understand the intricacies of operating an independent gas station as well as the benefits they offer the marketplace.

Health & Beauty

The growth of health spas and beauty salons is not only bringing in more customers, it is bringing more of a demand for alternative payment options.

Tradeshows & Craft Fairs

We provide complete processing solutions for the unique needs of the traveling vendor with wireless, keyed-in and phone-in options.

Home Based Business

Add the ability to accept credit cards and watch your home business grow.